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Nzinga OrgillNzinga Orgill

Founder and CEO of RaCExpert Limited

RaCExpert Limited

Nzinga is an award winning, industry recognised transformational change leader. Founder and CEO of RaCExpert Limited, a consultancy business that looks at tackling challenges with race and culture using organisational resources, capabilities and innovation for greater inclusion. Nzinga has established herself as an expert and a social activist committed to driving positive change.

Born and raised in Birmingham, the second biggest city in the UK, Nzinga moved to London to study Law, instead falling in love with the aviation industry after graduating. Nearly 20 years on Nzinga has held various roles at Europe's busiest airport; Heathrow, moving from a front line operative up to senior leader managing projects around innovation, automation, diversity, inclusion and transformational change.

Highlights have included being recognised as a Top Future Leader by Empower Yahoo/Finance, Amazon/Everywoman in the category for Transport and Logistics, Corporate Engagement Awards as part of the show racism the red card campaign and recently being nominated for the MBCC awards in the social activist category.

Nzinga has spoken at numerous conferences with audiences of over 1,000 on topics such as diversity, inclusion and innovation.

Nzinga continues her commitment to social justice and equality and equity for all, challenging the narrative for people from underrepresented groups.

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May, 19 2:30 PM CET
Stage 1
Panel Discussion

Where are we with racial and ethnic inclusion 2 years after George Floyd’s murder?

  • Recent trends and significant changes in corporate racial inclusion.

  • Common challenges for employees and organizations in overcoming racial differences.

  • What else needs to be done to ensure the abolishment of racial discrimination in the workplace.

Jessica Rice VP, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Under Armour
Randall Tucker Chief Inclusion Officer at Mastercard
Pamay Bassey Chief Learning and Diversity Officer at The Kraft Heinz Company
Nzinga Orgill Founder and CEO of RaCExpert Limited
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