Banking for everyone: Arising accessibility trends in banking and financial services • November 18, 2021
Learn from global pioneers of accessibility in banking and financial services

Catherine Tunney BraekenCatherine Tunney Braeken

Director Client Accessibility at CIBC

Passionate advocate of best in class experiences for users of all abilities. Demonstrated leadership in shifting organizational attitudes to a culture of accessibility and promoting the business value of diversity and inclusion. Thought leader and champion of best practices and processes that enable organizations to mature in their ability to deliver accessible experiences. A user experience (UX) professional with 16 years’ experience, who consistently demonstrates their ability to deliver on initiatives from high level strategy to implementation.

Takes part in

Nov, 18 4:00 PM CET
Panel Discussion

The multiplying effect of accessibility in the banking industry

  • Why is accessibility a must for a modern banking service?

  • How can accessibility attract new customers, including those who don’t use accessibility features?

  • How can accessibility increase employee and customer loyalty?

  • How can accessibility affect a bank’s reputation?

Catherine Tunney Braeken Director Client Accessibility at CIBC
Bianca Prins Global Head of Accessibility at ING Bank
Malintha Fernando Global Head of Digital Experience and Accessibility at HSBC
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