GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
Best global DEI case studies


Keynotes are 20–30 minute presentations given by DEI experts and executives, followed by live Q&A sessions with the audience.

Keynotes are focused mainly on case studies and allow the audience to learn practical solutions to DEI-related problems in a specific thematic section.

They follow relevant panel discussions, covering specific aspects of the problem and bringing practical advice to the table.


Disability Inclusion

“People with disabilities have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus and its economic consequences,” said National Organization on Disability (NOD) President Carol Glazer. Since March 2020, 1 in 5 workers with disabilities have been dismissed from employment, compared to 1 in 7 in the general population, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Racial and Ethnic Inclusion

After George Floyd’s murder, many organizations all around the globe began long-term programs to support the black community. In light of this frequent discussion, racism, as a prevalent topic, requires immediate action. By May 2022, we must see the initial results of the earlier announced corporate long-term programs and not just declarations of support.

Gender Equality

According to the Global Gender Gap Report of 2021, it will take another 100 years to achieve gender equality based on the current rate of progress. It is time to not only look more deeply into female recruitment stats, but also to examine how women feel in male-dominated organizations. Do they feel valued and are they treated fairly? Can they push for and implement their ideas in a senior management team or among junior staff?

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

According to the research by Catalyst, one fifth (20 %) of LGBTQ Americans have experienced discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity when applying for jobs. With that in mind, LGBTQ+ friendly companies should not only create a safe space for these people but also increase their revenues. In this section, you will learn how to better recruit, retain, develop, and advance LGBTQ+ employees.

Inclusive Hiring, Promotion, and Retention Practices

A company with a structured D&I policy should aim to make the recruitment, promotion, and retention processes inclusive for all potential employees in order to ensure an equal approach for every candidate. In this section, you will get insights on how to manage diversity and inclusion in these stages.

Mental Health in the Hybrid Environment

According to the Work Health Survey carried out by Mental Health America, most employees are constantly experiencing signs of burnout and a lack of support they might need to manage stress. It severely impacts their productivity, especially during the pandemic. In this section, speakers will cover mental health challenges that employees are experiencing and suggest the best ways to cope with them.


Despite the growing number of DEI executives, many businesses have been slow to adopt accessibility strategies. According to the Monsido data, companies without accessible sites are losing $6.9 billion a year to competitors whose sites are accessible. If you’re still considering whether to make your workplace accessible or are interested in learning how to do it, this section is for you.

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